Chenjia Wang

Chenjia (Ben) Wang


Chenjia (Ben) Wang joins Mellen, Smith & Pivoz PLC (MSP) in June, 2014. Before joining MSP, he worked as program manager with Revstone Industries LLC from 2010-2013. Prior to the position of program manager, he worked as IT analyst for the IT division of Revstone Industries LLC.

Chenjia has been working on various clients’ projects and mainly focuses on Chinese clients since he joined MSP. Chenjia got his degree of Master of Science in Accountancy from Walsh College in 2014. He also has a Master Degree in Computer Science from Wayne State University and a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from Shanghai University. He was awarded scholarship for his accounting degree in all the semesters attended in Walsh College.

Specific Experience

  • Advises client on tax and other finance related issues including foreign tax issues
  • Advises and assists clients for mergers and acquisitions
  • Accounting service
  • Auditing and attestation engagement

Industry Involvement and Affiliations

  • Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants
  • Sponsor of the Detroit Chinese Business Association

Education and Accomplishments

  • Masters in Accountancy – Walsh College, Troy, Michigan – September 2014
  • Masters in Computer Science – Wayne State University – 2009
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering – Shanghai University – 2007


Chinese translation

王晨佳(Ben)于2014年6月加入梅伦·史密斯和皮沃兹会计师事务所,在这之前他于2010年至2013年担任过蓝石工业集团(Revstone Industries LLC)的项目经理。在担任项目经理之前,他任职于蓝石工业集团的IT部门担任IT分析师。


  • 税务服务包括国际税务和其他财务有关事务的咨询
  • 为客户的兼并收购提供咨询和帮助
  • 会计服务
  • 审计和认证服务


  • 沃尔什商学院-会计学硕士
  • 密西根州立韦恩大学-计算机硕士
  • 上海大学-电子信息工程学士